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Dog Friendly Properties in France

Going on holiday and leaving your dog behind can be stressful not only for you and your family but also for your dog. Some never settle in the Kennels and often can come home with a barking habit that is difficult to break. Like children, they don’t want to be separated from you. They may sulk for days after coming home or be off their food. Why put them through that stress?

Taking your dog on holiday can be a really enjoyable experience. You are a complete family for one thing. But also it will give you some additional exercise and is a good excuse to explore the areas around your holiday villa, simply by walking the dog. Your dog will enjoy the adventure of new territory and be much happier with their family.

Please remember that there are some rules concerning bringing your pet on holiday though. There is also a small charge per pet. Don’t forget to check with your Vet that you have a valid Pet Passport too! We can help you with the local vet for your return documents.