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We hope we have covered most queries, but if you can't find the answer to your query, please email or phone us (details below) and we will do our best to help you. Alternatively please use our Chat box in the bottom right of our screen. If the Chat box is unattended, please let us a message and we will respond as soon as possible.

Q - How do I make a reservation?

A - Check Availability for the individual Villa and click to Book or Enquire   You will find the information for the property together with our booking form on the appropriate links. If you wish to place an option, follow the links and place the booking but don't proceed to payment options.  Your option will be held for 72 hours.  An invoice will be sent to you.  If you decide to proceed to book within the 72 hours,  simply follow the link on your invoice.  If you decide to cancel your option, please make sure you tell us by email.

Q - Can we pay in Euros or Sterling?

A -  Yes, you have the choice of currency. Simple click on the button at the top right of our pages to see your prices and make a booking in either Euros or Sterling

Q - How do I pay?

A - First make your choice of Currency.
1) Pay by bank transfer to either our Euros or Sterling account. You will find our bank information during the booking process.
2) By Mastercard, Visa or Debit cards. We charge an administration fee of 2%. We do not accept American Express. (Please note that 

3) By Paypal. Please ask for a Paypal invoice. A supplement of 4% will be added to the invoice. 

Q -  How do we pay for the Security Deposit?    

A - 1)  By a Credit Card Guarantee / Authorisation as with a hotel or car hire reservation.  Full details are on our Terms and Conditions linked at the bottom of our website home page.   The amount will be displayed on your booking confirmation invoice.
2) Some properties require payment on arrival only and details will be sent to you after your balance payment..  Full details will be on your booking confirmation invoice.

Q - Is Linen included?

A - Almost all our villas have linen included. If there is a charge for linen, it will be detailed at the bottom of the Rates tab of the property page. 

Q - Is Cleaning included?

A -  Most of our villas have cleaning included. We ask you to leave the property in a reasonably clean and tidy condition. If there is a supplement for final cleaning it is noted on the Rates tab of the property page. Failure to leave a property in a clean and tidy condition may result in a final cleaning charge being deducted from your Security Deposit. This also applies to barbecues, which must be left clean. For full details concerning final cleaning and barbecue cleaning please refer to our Terms and Conditions Section 15 

Q - Are there any additional charges?

A -  Some properties make a charge for electricity and this information is details on the Rates tab of the Property page. Some properties charge for Tourist Tax and you will be informed when this is applicable. Some villas have additional services such as heated pools which hold a supplement but these charges are detailed as an optional extra at the time of booking. Please see our Terms, Section 21 relation to pool heating. 

Q - Can we hire a cot or high chair?

A -  Most of our villas are supplied with one cot and one high chair. In some of villas it may be possible to hire an additional cot/high chair, please check at the time of booking. We may be able to hire additional cots and high chairs at 25 Euros a week for each item, subject to availability. We cannot guarantee supplies. We do not provide cot linen. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Q - We are bringing a baby and small toddler and don't have a lot of space in our suitcases. Do you offer any additional supplies?

A -  Our properties in the Pays de Fayence can offer you Baby Packs. These which include a bib, bowl, spoon and mug with handle, a non-slip kids bathmat and a potty. 10€ a set. 

Q - The property we have chosen only has double beds - we have children who won't share a bed, is it possible to hire an additional fold-up bed?

A -  For the villas in the Pays de Fayence area only, and subject to availability, it may be possible to hire an extra fold up bed. If the additional bed causes over occupancy this option may be refused. Please enquire at the time of booking. Bed hire and additional linen is 50€ a week per person inclusive of bed linen, and is subject to availability of beds. 

Q - We have forgotten to bring our pool towels or don't want to bring them, do you hire them?

A - In some areas, it may be possible to hire Pool Towels at 5€ each. These must be pre-ordered before your arrival.

Q - What time can we arrive and what time do we have to leave?

A - Our arrival time is not before 15.00hrs or 16.00hrs with some of our larger villas.  Departure times are no later than 10.00hrs.  If you are planning to arrive early, please ensure you inform us to see if special arrangements can be made to take your luggage in advance, but no entry into any property will be permitted until the cleaning is finished.

Q - We are arriving very late (or on a Sunday) could you help us with a little shopping?

A -  This will depend on the location of your chosen property. It may be possible to assist with some basic shopping according to your requirements and subject to availability of a staff member to do this for you. There is a supplementary cost of 50 Euros for the time taken to shop and delivery. This service cannot be guaranteed. 

Q - We have a villa with a heated pool.  Is it heated all year round?

A -  There is no need for pool heating usually from late June to late August as the outside temperatures are usually warm enough to keep the pools at a good temperature. During the period October to April (depending on the weather) heated pools will be switched off. This is due to the overnight temperatures preventing the pool heating equipment being able to heat the water to the correct temperature or maintain the heat.

Some owners charge for heating the pool in early and late season. Should a pool heating charge be applicable (noted on the Rates Tab) please enquire for further information as it may be that the weather is good and additional heating may not be necessary. Please read our Terms, section 21 

Q - We have a dog - could we bring him to our villa?

A - Some of our villa owners will accept dogs and strict rules apply. You are obliged to inform us if you plan to bring a dog to ensure it is permissible.  If you arrive at a villa with a dog and without prior arrangement we have the right to refuse entry to that villa. We fully understand the pleasure of being able to take your dog on holiday with you. However, it is important to understand that if we accept your dog you are completely responsible for ensuring that the villa and its total grounds are kept in a clean condition. There is a mandatory charge for cleaning of £50 (60€) per dog, unless otherwise stated on the property Rental Rates tab. We ask you to ensure that you keep dogs off furniture and especially beds and additional charges will be made if dog hair is excessive or found on or in beds or sofas. We ask dog owners to realise that some people are allergic to pet hair and therefore we ask you to respect that. We would naturally ask you also to respect the peace and tranquility of the area and keep your dogs as quiet as possible. Dogs may not under any circumstances swim in the swimming pool. If you allow your dog into the pool it will be noticed by the pool cleaner and a supplementary charge will be levied, without exception, depending on the amount of dog hair which had to be removed and any disinfection of pool water that would be necessary. Allowing dogs to swim in pools is not hygienic and is strictly forbidden. Any damage, excessive dog hair or unclean grounds will be charged against your security deposit.  Please see Section 22.c on our Terms and Conditions.

Q - Does our villa have internet and how will I be able to connect ?

A -  The internet connection in most rural areas of France is not Fibre Optic but ADSL or in some cases 3G. The owners of the villas have installed the internet connection of their preference. Some have internet via a Satellite which will give you a reasonable internet speed. Others may not be so fast. We cannot be held responsible for the service, the speed or any failure of any internet connection. If you experience a failure in the internet service we will do our best to assist you but cannot guarantee the service which is governed by a telecom operator or the service provided by the owners. Some owners have a limit on the usage per month and we have no control if a previous clients uses the full quota. You will still be able to access the internet for basic usage but the service would be slow. 

Q - What TV stations can I get?

Changes to European TV Satellite connections. Canal +.  Due to Licensing Rules, at the beginning of 2014 changes were made to the UK and International TV channels available to view, outside of the country of origin.  A new TV Satellite came into operation in February 2014 with a reduced beam (footprint) and the majority of UK TV and International TV channels are no longer available to watch on Free to Air.
Some villas have a Sky TV connection but again only limited channels are available. 
Other villas have installed a Smart TV with Internet by satellite which will enable some TV channels to be viewed only via the Internet of the Smart TV. In these cases, you may experience poor signal, slow streaming TV as this system is dependant on amount of use.  Over use of internet TV can result in loss of internet speed.  Supplementary top up packages may be possible, please enquire for details.
We also have French owners who have chosen Canal+ French Satellite TV and others have Orange TV.
Whatever the owner chooses is not our decision, it is their personal preference. We may be able to offer a solution to watch TV of your own Nationality but it cannot be guaranteed.
We cannot be held responsible or liable if your preferred TV channels are not available as this is has been a Europe wide situation beyond our control.

Q - What happens if something goes wrong or we have a problem?

A -  There is usually someone available at most times of the working day to help you with advice and support.

Tel : 07833 260 964
Our UK Office hours are GMT

Monday to Friday 09.00 - 17.00hrs. Saturdays 10.00 - 17.00hrs Sundays 10.00 - 13.00hrs

Our French Office hours are CET
Tel 06 73 89 21 85 (If unattended please send an SMS with your name) Monday to Friday 09.00 - 18.00hrs.
Saturdays 9.00 - 17.00hrs
Sundays 14.00 - 17.00hrs

Other forms of contact are
Email - contact@affinity-holidays-france.com
On line chat - leave a message

In a medical or genuine emergency you should call the local contact number you are given. For such emergencies we endeavour to be available 24/7.