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Whether you’re looking to visit the historical province of Picardy or travel as far South as the Midi-Pyrenees, our collection of villas have been chosen for their spectacular locations and ample amenities. We have a wide range of villas across South France. Take a look at our guides to discover more about the different regions in France.

We also have a number of Pet-Friendly and Child-Friendly villas on offer.

Affinity Holidays France specialise in providing high quality villas across France

Wine lovers will get plenty of mileage out of the Loire Valley. Alternatively, Burgundy’s Dijon Market is sure to satisfy your gastronomical desires. Experience the thrilling ski resorts of France when you stay in the Rhone-Alpes, famed for it’s stunning mountain scenery. Our villas can either put you close to the bustling cities of the area like Lyon and Grenoble, or up in the Alps themselves.

In the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur you can discover a region diverse in its beauty and breathtaking views, or taste a different flavour of France altogether by staying in Aquitaine. Everything from elegant coastline to lush forests can be found here, with the imposing Pyrenees mountains serving as a dramatic backdrop to your villa holiday.

In Provence you can stay in one of our ultra-private properties in the Pays de Fayence, where the cuisine is world-renowned. Further west is Languedoc Roussillon: a beautiful region with winding rivers and historical towns. Finally, Corsica is an island of dramatic scenery with sandy beaches tucked into little coves, scents from the maquis shrubland and green vineyards.

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The right holiday rental villa for your friends and family can depend on so many things; where to go and what to do can often play a major part in your decision. Read up on the diverse regions of France before booking your stay.

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Unsure of where to visit? We’ve sought out a range of high quality villas across the key regions in France. The Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region is a haven for nature lovers, Brittany offers plenty of rugged coastline to get stuck into, the Pay de la Loire covers land just south of Normandy, and the South of France is home to the Alpes and sunny climes of the attractive coastal towns.